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CBiblical Submission & Obedience - Volume 1 - Click To Enlarge
Biblical Submission & Obedience - Volume 1
Carol Boswell - (SKU#: NM6552)

Donation: $20.00

Volume 1 teaches critical truths, such as the biblical difference between submission and obedience, when submission and obedience are required and to whom they should be given, the four conditions that give Satan legal access to your life, and much, much more. The student will study biblical characters who were submissive and obedient and the effects of their godly choices, as well as others characters who were rebellious and disobedient to authority and the resulting consequences to themselves and others. Each story contains a practical comparison between worldly deceptions and God’s Kingdom principles. Includes a variety of student activities, such as Crossword Puzzles, Scripture Scrambles, and Word Searches to reinforce lessons.

Series Overview
For ages 10-18. This interactive two volume study is designed to teach the two most important principles a person can learn—biblical submission and obedience to authority. When consistently practiced, these principles lead to a lifestyle of supernatural Kingdom living—righteousness, peace, and joy—even in the midst of unpleasant circumstances. Romans 14:17 defines this as the Kingdom of God, and it is available to every Christian who will practice the principles taught in this book. It is extremely important to learn these principles when young. Allowing a child to grow up with defiant attitudes and rebellious actions toward God and His delegated human authorities will negatively affect every facet of your child’s life and the lives of those around him or her. Used together, both volumes are powerful teaching tools to assist students in walking God’s path to Kingdom living. The interactive format and numerous clipart illustrations are sure to hold their attention as they study and implement these important biblical principles. This is excellent Sunday School or Home School material! Adults who never learned these principles are buying both volumes for their own personal study!

229 pages 8 ½ x 11 bound interactive workbook.
$20.00 Donation.


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